I offer short counselling and psychotherapy in Finnish and English. Sometimes a few supportive discussions can help in a difficult life situation. Other times a short therapy of 10–20 sessions or several years of psychotherapy can be helpful. Typical reasons to seek counselling include work-related issues, relationship problems, anxiety, depression and sleeping disorders.

I have a Masters degree in Psychology from Tampere University, and a BA in Behavioural Sciences from Macquarie University, Australia. I am a licenced psychotherapist (4-year degree in Cognitive-analytic therapy). I also have a degree in Occupational health psychology and in Work-counselling (coaching).

Psychotherapy offers a way of

  • thinking about yourself differently, often in a more self-compassionate and understanding way
  • finding out what your problems and difficulties are; how they started; how they affect your everyday life
  • your relationships, your working life and your choices of how to get out the best of your life
  • understanding the reasons that underlie a symptom such as exhaustion or depression, by naming what previously learned patterns of thinking and behaving contribute to difficulties and finding new ways of addressing them within yourself

If you are interested in psychotherapy, it is easiest to reach me by e-mail or a phone call. We can arrange a meeting for me to familiarize with your situation and for you to find out more about psychotherapy or short-time supportive discussions.